Graduates of 1st Edition

The final exam took place on 9th March 2012 at 14h30. The following students earned the Degree of 2nd Level Master's in Robotics and Intelligent Systems:

  • Haris Balta
  • Giulio Capasso
  • Francesca De Cillis
  • Edmondo Di Tucci
  • Plinio Mascarucci
  • Flavio Meliadò
  • Alessandro Migliaccio
  • Mariana Scognamiglio
  • Daniele Zollo.

Heartfelt congratulations to the new graduates from the Master RIS Scientific Board!


2nd Edition Postponed

The 2nd Edition of Master has been postponed.

A robot in every home

Written by Bill Gates

The leader of the PC revolution predicts that the next hot field will be robotics.



Download this file (A_Robot_in_Every_Home.pdf)full article[PDF]719 Kb

Robots are with us, inside us and among us

Written by Bruno Siciliano

Robots and robotics

Robotics has profound cultural roots. Over the course of centuries, human beings have constantly attempted to seek substitutes that would be able to mimic their behaviour in the various instances of interaction with the surrounding environment. Several motivations have inspired this continuous search referring to philosophical, economic, social and scientific principles.


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